Whats up guys, watching free movies online is super fun and rewarding, but can also be really frustrating with all the pop-up advertisements and fake sites out there. I haven’t gone to the cinema in over a year now, the ever increasing prices, kicking of chairs and long queues just put me completely off. Instead, i look what is coming out at my local cinema and simply live stream it from the comfort of my own home. That way i get to avoid the long ticket lines, avoid the aggravation of people talking in the cinema, avoid the possibility all together of the people behind me kicking my chair and of course, its totally free! You can literally watch the latest free cinema movies in full hd, for absolutely free and below I’m going to show you exactly how…


A brand new website launched in late August 2016 and has gained a tremendous following in a short space in time, for a very good reason! This website has taken the future of online streaming to the now. Go check out this amazing website right now and be dazzled by it's zoom in features and instant play videos that allow you to access the movies without having to download or install any software. This amazing website is literally breaking new barriers with technology and online streaming capabilities and has raised the bard substantially. All in all it's the number one platform to use when looking for a great movie title and browsing this site is an absolute breeze as they do not have any annoying pop up advertisements on any of their pages making. The search feature is embedded on all of their pages and you cam type any relating keyword and you will be presented with the most relevant search results. The genre section on the search page provides a list of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Sports, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Animation, Family, TV Shows, Documentaries and a whole lot more. Playing movies on OZOOMIC is quite easy and straightforward as you will instantly be connected to the best available streaming link. OZOOMIC has also launched a massive online social campaign and you can now follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Reliable streaming of online entertainment in a safe and secure environment used to be a pipe dream and has now become reality with this amazing website. OZOOMIC entertainment is now freely accessible to all countries so go visit this awesome website now and let us know what you think.

123 Movies has been on our radar for quite sometime now, we are extremely impressed at how they have consistently and continuously maintained such a high level of customer satisfaction, usability, speed of streaming and true HD quality. Not only maintained but in fact routinely improving it. In our industry its not about being the best, its about staying the best and the only way to do that is by habitually updating your focus points. Iwatchonline have taken clearly taken it upon themselves to zone in the focus points that are most in demand by the users. Upon arriving on their site you will immediately notice an above average selection of both free online movies and TV shows. It is of the utmost importance to have an enormous “video vault” of content to ensure that your users never need to leave the site to search what they are looking for elsewhere. Having an abundance of content is also essential for user experience because often a viewer will complete enjoying one TV series and then immediately go into another but only because that new other TV series was suggested to him on the site. Iwatchonline have absolutely dominated the industry in terms of their unique search function. They understand that often a viewer cannot remember the actual name of the production, but can remember other aspects of it such as the directors name, other actors names, the year it was released, its genre and of course by how well it might have performed at the Box Office. As such, they have enabled their viewers to search by means of an absolute conglomeration of key movie points, thus ensuring that a viewer is never left stranded and unable to experience immense viewing pleasure because they could not remember the name of the film that they were looking for. The site itself is extremely modern and pleasing to they eye. They have opted for the white background with light blue text and a hint of black which is a great color combination and really just ads to the user experience. They did this deliberately as they understand that in many instances, if not all, the viewer will be spending an above avenger amount of time on their site searching for exactly what it is that they are looking for. Another aspect of their site that we found quite appealing is the fact that they provide a movie and TV series forum. Why this is such a strong point is two fold. One, it really does show an inordinate amount of care for their users as they understand that in most instances there will be some questions asked. Be it questions or discussion about the movies or TV shows themselves, questions about which movies are coming next or even questions about how the site works and how to steam the movies. That said, they have provided an actual platform in which users can help and assist one another. Two, Google absolutely adores forums, they love the new content and they love that it brings about new answers, help and effective solutions, thus making their job easier and so, they actually rank the site more effectively, thus generating more traffic for the site itself. This is a crafty and in fact ingenious decision on their part and we do take our hats of to them in this regard. In closing, its really the attention to detail by them which moved us the most, case in point is the fact that they in addition to everything else, also provide their users with an entire live, up to date TV series viewing schedule. They are one of the only of the only sites that do this and it just shows, once again how they are deliberately creating a one stop shop, turn key solution for their customers. We are superbly impressed by every facet of this site and highly recommend using them!

Los Movies are one of those companies that take their craft to an entirely new unprecedented level. They are in fact ,what is often referred to as pioneers of the industry. We have the clearest of memories, when we first started searching for free online movies, how frustrated and overwhelmed it used to become. Flustering even, and this because, by nature of the internet, how everything is almost always disguised as what you are looking for, but turns out being nothing but a scam, deception or hardshell at best. We recall how, despite typing in the correct search phrases into google, would always be directed to an absolute tidal wave of pop ups, dodgy looking and “non-delivering” movie sites. Every site we tried to watch free movies on were asking for credit card numbers and on the odd occasion that they were not asking for full credit card information then they were asking me for registration. The closest we ever came prior to Los Movies was, we once found a site, a good looking free movie site, a site free of pop ups and a site that never asked for registration. Our excitement grew but then upon closer inspection discovered that although they were not asking for my full credit card information or even registeration, but they only had older movies available and even then, they did not offer streaming! Streaming is basically the ability to click a button and immediately watch the video content. Basically what it means is that as your internet connects you to the source of the content it simultaneously plays the video for your own enjoyment. This new “wonderful” site that we had just discovered required their users to actually download the content. Meaning, wait while the entire video actually saves to your computer and only then allows you to watch it. The problem with this is, one, its extremely time consuming and two, it takes up huge amounts of valuable space on your hard drive, thus tremendously slowing down the rest of your computer and at times even negatively effecting other work related programs. One day, we went to the Video and Gaming Expo in South Miami and this is where everything started turning around for us in a very exciting and positive way. You see, in life, when ever there is an area in your own experience that you are having difficulty with, simply find people that are already doing that exact thing that you are so badly wanting to achieve. That is exactly what happened for us at this wonderful expo. We made friends with a great group of guys that were absolute specialists in the watch free movies online sector. They immediately pointed us in the direction of Solar movies which to say the least, has totally revolutionized our online viewing experience. Their site is clean, extremely modern and user-friendly. They are free of pop ups and advertisements and they have an absolutely ginormous diversity of free online movies to suit just about anyones viewing needs. Most noticeably, all content is genuinely free. There are no hidden pages and all movies are streamed immediately, not downloaded. In addition to the boundless ease in which the site itself is used, their content as a whole is unparalleled. Almost all their movies and in fact TV series too are full HD. They are continuously updating the site to ensure that the users always have access to the latest cinema releases and TV shows. The usability of the site is geared towards a first time user and it is always simply a matter of conducting your search, either via means of their high tech search bar or of course by genre. Thereafter you simply click on your movie of choice, select the steaming software you prefer, although Vidbull is the best and then kicking back, relaxing and enjoying your movie!

I Watch Online is an absolute industry leader and is often referred to as the most innovative free online movie and TV show site. They have been around for absolute ages and in their long time in the online entertainment they have certainly not allowed that time to pass by in vain. They have continued ranking higher and higher each new year and their popularity score is currently an astonishing an 8.76. Their main focus is full HD new cinema releases but they also have a few other fantastic tricks up their sleeve, which we will get into. Their site is absolutely fabulous after their recent revamp and currently sports the cutting edge light grey background, with a breath of red and high quality gold finishes. Rather than following a lot of the other online movie sites which contain most text and long written content Los Movies has gone for the more visual and aesthetically pleasing look. So, lots of high quality images, fantastic movie pictures and big, clear posters of the latest TV series, just gorgeous! The usability of the site was designed with newbie browsers in mind and they did this for two reasons. One, they currently administer one of the biggest and most up to date kiddies sections on the web, with everything from kids games, fairytales to the most new-age animation attractions at the click of your mouse, all 100% free and streamable. With this in mind, the designers of the site focused wholeheartedly on seamlessness, ease of use and simplicity and we could not agree more, they proof is in the definitely in the pudding! Two, in understanding how convenient the watch free movies online sector is and how quickly it is growing they are attempting to attract those new customers that until recently were mainly only using their old TV and DVD player for viewing pleasure and are statistically slightly less computer literate then others. In addition to the extremely appealing handsomeness of the site itself, the quality of the content that they have furnished it with is second to none. They have a firm policy of only accepting, issuing and proving whats knows as AAA multimedia. This is just tantalizing news for the viewers as what this means is that they do not promote copying, so it is very rare they you will ever find people standing up in the cinema or poor audio in any of their videos. Another feature that we were most impressed by is their new stream on demand system. Simply, what this means is that they do not require their viewers to download the content. Downloading content is extremely taxing of time and never a good idea if you have other important information stored on your hard drive. Their site is an absolute pleasure to use since all you do when you have selected your video is click play and it immediately plays, or rather streams it directly over your connection in a smooth, unnoticeable manner! We also noticed that this site just doesn’t have advertising on it, zero spam and zero pop ups, this was just such a refreshing realization as there is nothing more frustrating than trying to watch your favorite movie and new unrelated and in fact unwanted pages keep opening automatically. In closing, what just absolutely fell in love with about this site is the high level of customer experience that they had in mind. Case in point being, their rare and exclusive search technology that actually equips the viewer to search for movies as well as tv series by means of that particular films country of origin .This is genuinely appreciated by non-local users as it enables them to quickly and swiftly select their home country and within seconds be watching their favorite movie or TV series from back home!

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